Our Mission

Edu-venture Society supports our members in having a real, long-term impact on the world and in inspiring other students to do the same. Edu-venture gives members the network, confidence and skills to turn their dream career into a reality, setting them up to pursue global careers and to affect positive social change.  

As a student-run network of societies around the UK, Edu-venture can expand your connections, and supports hundreds of students in transferring conventional career skills into their dream lifestyle, career, and impact.

Edu-venture supports our community in working out how to kickstart life after university, thinking creatively and innovatively about the direction we all want our careers to take. Edu-venture societies on each campus host partners offering relevant employability training, events, and insights to create a community of like-minded young innovators.


Gotoco China’s founders, Richard, Lisha, and Danny wanted to create a community for Gotoco’ers to help them to build on their experience in China after returning home. There’s a great range of fun and impactful careers in social enterprise, non-profits and education around the world, but finding the best options and developing the skills and experience you need while at university can be a challenge.

Edu-venture Society was set up to create this community and provide a space for workshops, trainings and fun collaboration on projects with a social impact. Edu-venture was started by Gotoco’ers on each university campus, but is open to all students.


  • Raise awareness about the range of career and lifestyle options available beyond the conventional and how to make them a reality

  • Build an innovative community committed to finding impactful careers

  • Link members to fun and impactful local volunteering projects

  • Offer global training initiatives, such as through Gotoco China, to develop students’ CVs and to help them have fun-but-meaningful summers

  • Run events on global topics, with a focus on education, China, and social philosophy,  with guest speakers from each university and more broadly

  • Arrange training days for career advancement, e.g. interview workshops, teacher training, mindfulness sessions, career counselling

  • Improve and enliven discussion about China on campus, through events in partnership with SupChina

  • Run funky social events, both locally and nationally

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