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What I Wish I Knew As A Student
Learn the top 5 things all students should know before entering the world of work.
Arjun Moorthy, CEO of The Factual, is joining Edu-venture London to offer free advice on how to best prepare for the professional world and the common career mistakes.


6pm (BST) Wednesday 9 December 2020


This event has now finished.


This event has now finished.

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Arjun Moorthy
Arjun MoorthyThe Factual<br />Co-founder
Arjun is co-founder and CEO of The Factual. He’s has always been passionate about news from when he was a paperboy in middle school through becoming Editor-in-chief of The Stanford Reporter. Outside of work Arjun spends his time with his children and family and prays for Arsenal football team to have a winning season.