Join us on Zoom every Wednesday evening 6-7pm (BST) throughout July and August to talk with people in inspiring careers about how they found the career and lifestyle that works for them.

With digital advancement and the current pandemic, the job market is in constant flux. Lots of us are concerned about missing internships and our future job prospects, but do we need to be so concerned?

It’s time to think outside the box about our career plans. Many of the most interesting and fulfilling lives have been born out of pursuing the unusual, taking unexpected routes, and following passions. Finding the right life path isn’t just about finding any old graduate job, it’s about working out what matters to you, finding the right work and home life balance, and planning how to achieve your goals.

We’ll be welcoming speakers from a cross-section of industries and interests to chat with you about:

  • Their inspiring career paths
  • How they discovered their passions and made their work more than just a job
  • The skills they developed while at university and how they’ve made these work for their current career
  • How they’ve found the right balance for them between work and personal life
  • Their tips for how you can best realise a fulfilling career and life

*All of our speakers represent achievable paths to doing something fun, interesting and non-corporate with your career right after university and beyond. Of course, the corporate route might be best or most enticing for you, depending on what your goals are, and that is for you to decide. With this series we are highlighting some alternative, achievable and fun career routes as potential inspiration as you think about what direction you want to go in after university.

What’s next?

Wednesday 08/07/20: Sustainability Entrepreneurship: we had an inspiring chat with Mel Furey and Alex Fisher who run zero waste businesses. You can watch it here and read about it here.

Wednesday 15/07/20: From Living Abroad to Running Your Own Startup. More info here.

Wednesday 22/07/20: Mindful Living and Wellness; speak with a mindfulness teacher and a wellness workshop facilitator about how they developed impactful careers in non-profits and then as teachers and facilitators for hundreds/thousands of people. We will also cover tips on how to stay mentally healthy during the pandemic and as you graduate from university and enter the world of work.

Wednesday 29/07/20: Creativity and Culture; speak with a published travel writer and a London radio DJ and documentary producer about how to get started in a career in the creative arts.

Wednesday 05/08/20: Public Policy and NGOs; speak with the founder of a futurist public policy advisory and an NGO policy officer about traversing a career in the public sector and non-profits.

Wednesday 12/08/20: Social Enterprise and Female Empowerment; speak with a bespoke women’s eco-fashion designer and female empowerment advocate about creative and social careers.

Wednesday 19/08/20: China and Media Careers; speak with Kaiser Kuo from the Sinica Podcast and SupChina to learn about how best to approach a career in China or working with China, and to discuss careers in the media.

More details to follow!

Industries and Interests

  • Sustainability entrepreneurship

  • Travel, music, and culture media

  • Public policy and non-profits

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Global entrepreneurship

  • Working abroad: China

  • Mindful living: therapy and workshop facilitation