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Building and Financing Your Own Global Business

We are excited to announce an evening with Tarig Elsheikh, an experienced entrepreneur and finance professional with a 20-year track record across emerging markets in building global businesses and technology start-ups, and in finance.

Tarig will be discussing his career journey, and providing tips for starting your own global business. See his full bio below.


6-7pm (BST) Wednesday 27 January 2021.


This event has now finished.


This event has now finished.

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Tarig El-Sheikh
Tarig El-SheikhEntrepreneur
Tarig El-Sheikh is an experienced entrepreneur and finance professional with a 20 year track record across emerging markets in building global businesses, technology startups and finance.

Most recently, Tarig was the Chief Product & Marketing Officer of Yacob and Webteb two companies which he helped grow to be the leading MENA ventures in their respective domains and, ultimately, to the successful exits of both Companies in 2019.
Previously, Tarig was the CEO of Beneple, an HR and health management platform that was successfully acquired in August 2015 after only eight months of operations. Before that, he co-founded a global e-commerce custom menswear company, Knot Standard, specializing in online and retail sales of custom clothing using proprietary online measurement technology.

Tarig also serves as an advisor to numerous leading private equity firms and family offices and has worked extensively with the leading Accelerators & Incubators (IndiBio, 500 Startups, NYU StartAD, CONNECT, Sheraa, AliCloud/Dtec, DFA, Astrolabs).
He also sits on the boards of various companies that he has helped successfully launch.

Tarig’s on-the-ground and direct experience in developing business plans, budget, sales and marketing, corporate development strategy, managing corporate & board responsibilities, has successfully lead to numerous million dollar growth capital funding rounds from prominent investors & VCs.

He holds MBioch in Molecular Biochemistry from Oxford University, and also graduated top of his class with a Distinction MSc in Finance from the prestigious Cass Business School, London.