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Bristol, with its lively atmosphere, has many opportunities and new connections to explore. Edu-venture at the University of Bristol will aim to support and bring together extensive and innovative networks into one student community. Here, like-minded individuals can develop their conventional career skills into their dream lifestyle, career and impact by pursuing global and positive social changes amidst university life.

Society Committee

Hey! I’m Georgie, a 3rd year Economics student at the University of Bristol. My dream is to go on to do a Master’s degree in Developing Economies and work in the field of international development.

I believe it is so important to ensure a universal high quality of life in a sustainable way. Through working with Edu-venture I will be able to turn this dream into a reality and find a career that best suits me, where I can have the greatest impact.
Often people know they want to make a difference and help, but don’t know where to begin. Edu-venture creates a perfect starting point, providing people with the skills and confidence to make a real long term impact on the world.

Hey! I’m Anna, a 3rd year Liberal Arts student majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Mandarin. As a Liberal Arts student, future career options are extremely wide-ranging and exciting. We are, however, pressured into fitting particular career ideals. As many students can appreciate, there aren’t always concrete career pathways, but rather an aim towards financial sustainability and hope for positive social impact within a career.

I would love to combine my international interest with creating positive social changes. Edu-venture gives the perfect platform to do so. I am eager to meet like-minded people and organise enlightening and unconventional opportunities and events, especially within the journalism sector.

Hello! I’m Jenny, a 3rd year Spanish and Russian student at the University of Bristol, currently having a year out. I never really knew what I wanted to do as a career but always felt a slight pressure to go into something ‘secure’, but all these ‘well regarded’ careers do not always match one’s values and ethics.

My ideal career would be to work in purpose/life coaching or perhaps holistic health, who knows! However, to this day, I have not had the opportunity to meet people either working in that field or interested in that type of career.

I believe that choosing a career that feels right on a personal and global level is crucial and this is what Edu-Venture works towards.

I am so excited to get in touch with people leading unconventional, unheard-of careers and meet students who wish to pursue similar careers.

EmmaSocial Media
Hey, I’m Emma, a 3rd year Politics and Sociology student at the University of Bristol.

Through my degree, I’ve been able to deepen my knowledge of social issues around the globe, and would love to be able to use these skills in the professional world.

I’ve spent the last few months writing as an intern for an industry magazine with an environmental focus. I want to continue to write and research in areas in which I can help people, but often these career pathways are less clear-cut.

Through EduVenture, I’m excited to meet a community of students with similar passions to myself, and work with a platform which can help me succeed professionally whilst also helping people.

Hi! I’m Bea, a third-year International Business Management student at the University of Bristol with the hopes my degree will one day work me around the world.

Since starting university, I have become more accountable for the way I choose to lead my life. I believe it is essential that our consumption habits become more sustainable in order to protect the environment and fragile societies that have been exploited.

I am working towards a career with this conscience, something that being a part of Edu-venture will help me achieve. As a member of this team, I want to support people who feel the same.

Hi there, my name is Maria and I am a 3rd year Anthropology with Innovation student at the University of Bristol. If my friends were to describe me in 3 words, they would say that I am insightful, open-minded and spontaneous.

Over the summer, I spent my time being a staff member in the ‘Off the Beaten Track’ summer school, doing fieldwork in social anthropology. I also took part in a 3-day Bright Network Internship Experience.

Through my degree, I’ve been able to understand and learn how to innovate various problems from all around the world, and in the future I hope to be able to put to good use these skills towards my career.

Through EduVenture, I am opening myself to new opportunities and I hope to make other like-minded students feel the same!

CamilleSocial Sec
Hi! I’m Camille, a recent University Of Bristol English Literature graduate.

Leaving the academic system is exciting, yet it can also feel daunting; we spend our earlier years striving for a specific goal only to graduate with no set-goal in sight, or a blurry one at that.
After leaving uni, I really struggled with the pressure and expectation to choose a clear cut career path, especially as there is such wide ranging choice… and a pandemic does not help.

For that reason, I decided to take a year out to take a step back with the aim of finding out my true values before finding a career that caters to them.

Edu-venture is an opportunity for me to communicate and better navigate the struggles I have faced as a graduate. I look forward to working with and hearing from like-minded people through this platform.

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