Project Description


Durham University (legally the University of Durham) is a collegiate public research university in Durham, England, founded by an Act of Parliament in 1832 and incorporated by royal charter in 1837.

Hi, I’m Marina, a final year History student and President of Edu-venture Society at Durham.

I’m really interested in everything to do with China, from its history to language. I would love to work abroad or in an international nonprofit organisation after graduating. I have found that these sectors are not so much advertised within university careers advice, and this is why I wanted to join Edu-Venture to learn about such opportunities and share them with a like-minded network.

I am really excited to set up the society at Durham to bring together students interested in careers with a social impact to share experiences, ideas, and connect with professionals in those fields.

Hi, I’m Julia! I’m the Secretary of the Edu-venture Society at Durham University.

I study Psychology and I’m incredibly interested in how the brain and mind works, and how to use this knowledge to help people. I’m also very passionate about zero-waste, anti-fast fashion and anything related to sustainability!

I love the idea of meeting like-minded people in Durham and being able to work together to find interesting opportunities with a social impact.

I’ve personally found it very difficult to find internships/grad jobs that are relevant to my interests so I’m looking forward to working alongside our committee to combat this.

GeorgieSocial Sec
Hi, I’m Georgie, I am the Social Secretary and Research Coordinator of Edu-venture Durham!

I am a finalist studying BA Anthropology but am lucky to have been able to study a variety of anthropological sub-disciplines, social, evolutionary and medical, throughout my time at Durham and keep my degree diverse and broad.

I am interested particularly in the study of cultures and sociology. I love my degree as it has taught me how to transform the mundane through recognition of different contexts and trains of thought. Within and outside university I have been involved in fundraising and volunteer work and am currently Communities and Liberations Officer for Hild Bede.

I’ve also been lucky enough to travel a bit incorporating volunteer work which I would love to include into a future job!

I’m really excited to work with the exec, meet some like-minded people through Edu-venture and to hear and learn from those who have succeeded in building careers around social change.

Hi, my name is Kaelin and I’m the Vice-President and Treasurer of Edu-Venture at Durham University. I am in my final year studying Health and Human Sciences.

My degree is very diverse, covering social, biological and medical areas within anthropology. I am particularly engaged with global health and social impact.

I am hugely excited to work with the rest of the exec to deliver engaging and interesting webinars as well as getting to know the members, sharing ideas and networking.