Project Description


Imperial College London Edu-venture Society aims to create a platform to give students insights into the world of opportunities and the varied career options available to them beyond the ordinary.

We work to find unique and interesting opportunities to help you define your interest or passion, to make graduating seem a little less daunting and much more exciting.

We welcome all students in London to contact us via the form below or our FB and Instagram pages if you have any questions for current committee (linked below).

Society Committee

Katrina Wong
Katrina WongPresident
Hi! I’m Katrina, a final year Aeronautical Engineering student at Imperial College London.

I realised that finding fun job opportunities is extremely difficult nowadays, especially in the UK, due to increased competitiveness, lack of information, and the recent COVID situation.

Therefore, I decided to be involved in Edu-Venture society, as I am greatly attracted to the society’s purpose to allow students to explore various career paths and options, hence expanding their horizons and opportunities.

Aki Sharma
Aki SharmaVP and Treasurer
Hi! I’m Aki, I am a final year Computing undergraduate at Imperial College London.

Not everyone has a clear vision of their career path post-university. The seemingly limited job pool can make the process daunting, hard to navigate and sometimes uninspiring.

Therefore, I became a part of the Edu-venture family because I think it is an excellent platform to allow job-seeking students to broaden their horizons and get some exposure into the world of opportunities outside of the highly-advertised conventional job prospects on college portals.

Craig Lough
Craig LoughTreasurer
Hi, I’m Craig, a 4th Year Materials Engineering student at Imperial College London.

Finding a range of post-university opportunities can be tough; most students, including me when I started, were only aware of the standard competitive company career progression.

The awareness for different paths in life driven by Edu-venture is something that not only allows people to consider alternate routes, but educates them about what their end goals could be.

As such I’m excited to join and contribute to a greater transparency about post-education life.

Vincent Wong
Vincent WongPartner Relations
Hi! I’m Vincent and I am in my fourth year of my Physics degree at Imperial.

I have been to a few Edu-venture talks last year and have discovered a wide range of career opportunities through these talks. This year, I would like to contribute to the society and inspire more students by taking up the Partner Relations role. Finding speakers with various backgrounds allows me to make meaningful connections outside of university. This would also be a good way for me to kickstart my future career path.

Christina Wang
Christina Wang
Hi! I’m Christina and I am a second year student studying Electronics and Information Engineering at Imperial College.

University is a place to find out our passion, but it can be confronting to decide what to work towards when we don’t know what career paths are really out there. So I decided to join Edu-Venture, a place that shows students the possibilities, sparkles interests and broaden our horizon through the voices of experts from different fields.

Charlotte Drastich
Charlotte DrastichMarketing
My name is Charlotte, I am going into my second year of Biochemistry.

Finding a job is difficult, the market is competitive. It can be especially tough when so many other students around you seem to have it figured out: but lots of people don’t know and are still struggling! That’s why I think Edu-venture is such a great society: helping students to find out about different career paths and see which works best for them, opening up new chances that students normally wouldn’t have so they can discover what is their calling along, helping to develop required skills for careers.

Ivan Leung
Ivan LeungOperations
Hi, my name is Ivan, I’m in my second year studying maths and I’m going to be responsible for operations at Eduventure.

I joined the society because I wanted to explore a wider variety of career options, away from the mainstream choices. I am excited to be a part of the committee and I look forward to bringing new prospects to other students.

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