Project Description


Liverpool’s Edu-venture Society aims to encourage ‘beyond the ordinary’ lives, with careers that positively impact the world. The society will put on a range of events within and around the Guild, from talks to training sessions to volunteering opportunities, as well as running less-than-formal socials. As part of a network of societies, we will aim to help students connect with their peers from other universities too, gaining connections and opening as many doors as possible.

Society Committee

NaomiSocial Sec
I’m Naomi, a 3rd year Business Economics student.

I joined the Edu-venture committee because I want to help other like minded people get the most out of the Edu-venture resources and work towards obtaining a job suitable for them.

I have also taken part in the Gotoco volunteer teaching program and have spent the last year working and traveling in Australia. Seeing the large variety of jobs available, especially globally, has motivated me to join Edu-venture to share my experiences with the Edu-venture Society.

I’m Jared, a 21 year old BSc Environmental Science student and environmental activist.

I created Liverpool’s Edu-Venture society to help like-minded students to build relationships, network and make connections, while also developing skills and finding their dream careers, escaping from the stereotypical ‘rat-race’.

I was inspired to get involved in Edu-venture after spending 9 weeks in China with Gotoco during the summer of 2019, with hopes to return soon and hopefully encourage other students to broaden their horizons and get involved in similar opportunities.