Project Description


London Edu-venture Society, based at Imperial College, aims to create a platform to give students insights into the world of opportunities and the varied career options available to them beyond the ordinary.

We work to find unique and interesting opportunities to help you define your interest or passion, to make graduating seem a little less daunting and much more exciting.

We welcome all students in London to contact us via the form below or our FB and Instagram pages if you have any questions for current committee (linked below).

Society Committee

Hi! My name is Mariam Jallow and I am a final year biologist at Imperial.

I was interested in joining Edu-venture because since joining uni and starting to seriously consider my future options I realised that I was no longer interested in pursuing a career directly related to the sciences. This left me wondering what else I could do with my degree and I found that the careers events run by the uni often focused on careers that don’t interest me.

Edu-venture’s aim of providing students with an awareness of alternative career paths spoke to what I would have appreciated earlier on, and I want to be part of creating such opportunities for other students.

Hi, my names is Zeena and I am a final year biological sciences student. I decided to found Edu-venture Society at Imperial to help like-minded students to connect and develop the skills they need for future careers.

Many opportunities are not advertised on the main student platforms and I wanted to use this opportunity to create a platform whereby students can see all the possibilities, whether within the UK or international, and find one that is suited to them.

Hello! I’m Maria and I’m a Biological Sciences student.

I chose to join the Edu-venture committee because I wanted to help promote and inform other students of the many opportunities available to them outside of the highly-advertised commercial jobs that are often viewed as the only sectors available for graduates.

So, when I heard about Edu-venture and their aims to break free from this cycle, I wanted to help others to feel empowered to do so too.

Hi! I’m Katrina, a 3rd year Aeronautical Engineering student at Imperial College London.

I recently realised that finding fun job opportunities is extremely difficult nowadays, especially in the UK, due to increased competitiveness, lack of information, and the recent COVID situation.

Therefore, I decided to be involved in Edu-Venture society, as I am greatly attracted to the society’s purpose to allow students to explore various career paths and options, hence expanding their horizons and opportunities.

Hi! I’m Aki, I am in the penultimate year of my Computing degree at Imperial.

I joined Edu-venture because I believe that it is a fantastic platform to allow job-seeking students to broaden their horizons and gain some perspective into the world of opportunities out there.

Some people have the luxury of knowing exactly what they what. Some don’t. It can be daunting to feel as though there is nothing out there that you want to pursue after university.

The conventional job prospects pool can be very limited, hard to navigate and sometimes uninspiring. I wanted to be a part of the process that gives students insight into the plethora of different job opportunities and help them develop necessary skills to help accomplish their career goals.