Our Partners

Here at Edu-venture, we’re always looking for innovative partners to offer great upskilling initiatives and social impact projects to our members.

Gotoco China, offer all our members the opportunity to earn a TEFL certificate and join fun projects across China in the summer holidays—all funded and free!

By joining Gotoco in China, Edu-venture members gain TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) certification and develop their skills in leadership, organisation, creativity and public speaking. They also learn all about China through Gotoco’s China Lens course, created by Oxbridge academics—an understanding of China is vital for almost any career that Edu-venture members might choose.

Learn more and apply here. 

SupChina disseminate quality, well-researched information and news on China, providing insightful coverage and analysis of the latest trends across the country. SupChina provides a feast of accessible content on Chinese society, culture, politics and more to inform and entertain a global audience, helping everyone make sense of this complex and fascinating country which is reshaping the world.

Edu-venture members can become SupChina Ambassadors, allowing them to gain valuable experience for a future career working with China. SupChina Ambassadors drive conversations about China with various groups on campus from a cultural, political, and economic perspective. Beyond their efforts on campus, they also have the opportunity to connect and network with fellow student ambassadors across the US and the world. They also have direct access to SupChina’s editorial team via slack, with opportunities to pitch articles and be published through SupChina.

Insight Outreach provides mentoring to underrepresented school students to help them apply to top universities around the UK. Their Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme prepares students for applying to Oxford and Cambridge, and they are looking to expand to improve access to Russell Group universities.

Edu-venture members can become mentors on the scheme and receive training in mentoring, peer support, public speaking, and make a huge impact on students’ future prospects.